Towards National Coastal Health Archive and Monitoring Programs (CHAMPs) for assessing change, and identifying drivers of change, in tidal wetlands and coastal margins.

Norman C Duke*, Jock Mackenzie, Damien Burrows

Norman Clive DUKE

Mangrove Hub, TropWATER
Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research

James Cook University (JCU), Townsville Qld 4811 AUSTRALIA
Tel : (07) 5534 7082 (office)
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Regional Coastal Health Archive and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) projects offer significant socio-economic and conservation benefits providing world-class, national, living archives of interactive online maps and oblique imagery showing the extent, condition, impacts, change, and health of valuable, but always threatened, natural habitats, as well as man-made infrastructure, for full coastlines of each region.

The chief outputs proposed will be highly visible and easily accessible, on public-access websites featuring sponsor recognition and links along with complete assessments of risk and vulnerability of entire regional shorelines - including estuaries, beaches, channels and islands. The conservation benefits are tangible and without precedent, where the proposed resource of such interactive knowledge that is both current and historically relevant will become a key base reference resource for all future conservation, assessment and management of regional coastlines. Furthermore, this innovative program establishes a new standard for best-practice environmental management for coastal regions around each country, and worldwide.

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