Dr Cyril Marchand

IRD Scientist

BP A5, 98848 Nouméa,
Nouvelle Calédonie
Tél : (687) 26 07 80
Fax : (687) 26 43 26
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Web site : http://www.ird.nc/CAMELIA/Cyril_Marchand.html

Special field

  • Geochemistry and Sedimentology of mangrove fringed coast


  • Since October 2006:  IRD Scientist
  • Feb. 2005 – Jul.  2006: Assistant professor, University of New Caledonia. Courses: Soil sciences, Mineralogy, Cartography.
  • Sep. 2004 - Jan. 2005:
    • Research Associate CNRS, France - Wetlands geochemistry, Carbohydrates analyse
    • Assistant Professor, University of Orleans, France. Courses: Sedimentary petrology, Sequence stratigraphy, Micropaleontology.
  • Feb. – Aug. 2004: Assistant professor, University of Orleans, France. Courses: Surface processes, Cartography


    Supervisors : E. Lallier-Vergès and F. Baltzer
  • 1999- 2000      UNIVERSITY OF PARIS-ORSAY
    DEA Géologie, Géochimie, Géophysique Sédimentaires (equ. to Master's Degree in Sedimentology) with honors.
  • Summer 99       Summer program: Sedimentary geology at the Hamilton College (Clinton, NY, USA): Study of sedimentary cores from Antarctic peninsula. Supervisor E. Domack.
    Maîtrise de Géologie (equ. to B.Sc. Geology) with honors.
    Licence de Géologie
    DEUG Earth Sciences with honors
  • 1994- 1995      Baccalauréat scientifique (mathematics, physics).
    Activities of review and expertise

I act as a reviewer in the field of organic geochemistry and mangrove biogeochemistry for : Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Sciences, Estuaries and Coast, Applied Geochemistry, Organic Geochemistry, Deep Sea Research part II, Chemical Geology, Marine Geology, Geoderma, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Soil Science Society of America Journal, Chemistry and Ecology, Journal of Oceanography, Wetlands Ecology and Management, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, Journal of Marine System, Science of the Total Environment, Rapid Communication in Mass Spectrometry, Journal of Soils and Sediments, International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Environmental Pollution, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution ,etc.


16- Molnar, N., Welsh, D.T., Marchand, C., Deborde, J., Meziane., T., (in press) Impacts of shrimp farm effluents on water quality, benthic metabolism and N-dynamics in a mangrove forest (New Caledonia). Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Sciences. IF: 2.247
15- Marchand, C., Fernandez, J.-M., Moreton, B., Landi, L., Lallier-Vergès, E., Baltzer, F. 2012. The partitioning of transitional metals (Fe, Mn, Ni, Cr) in mangrove sediments downstream of a ferralitised ultramafic watershed (New Caledonia). Chemical Geology, 300-301: 70–80. IF: 3.407
14- Arfi, Y., Marchand, C., Wartel, M., Record, E. 2012. Fungal diversity in anoxic-sulfidic sediments in a mangrove soil. Fungal Ecology, Volume 5, Issue 2: 282–285. IF:1.814
13- Arfi, Y., Buée, M., Marchand C., Levasseur, A., Record, E. 2012. Multiple markers pyrosequencing reveals highly diverse and host-specific fungal communities on the mangrove trees Avicennia marina and Rhizophora stylosa. FEMS Microbiol Ecol, Volume 79, Issue 2: 433–444. IF: 3.456
12- Marchand, C., Lallier-Vergès, E., Allenbach, M., 2011. Redox conditions and heavy metals distribution in mangrove forests receiving effluents from shrimp farms (Teremba Bay, New Caledonia). Journal of Soils and Sediments 11: 529–541. IF: 2.613
11- Marchand, C., Allenbach, M., Lallier-Vergès, E., 2011. Relationships between heavy metals distribution and organic matter cycling in mangrove sediments of Conception Bay, New-Caledonia. Geoderma 160 (2011) 444–456. IF: 2.068. Times cited: 3.
10- Lallier-Vergès, E., Marchand, C., Disnar, J.-R., Lottier, N. 2008. Origin and diagenesis of lignin and carbohydrates in mangrove sediments of Guadeloupe (French West Indies): evidence for a two-step evolution of organic deposits. Chemical Geology 255, 388-398. IF: 3.407. Times cited: 2.
9- Marchand, C., Lallier-Vergès, E., Disnar, J.-R., Kéravis, D., 2008. Organic carbon sources and transformations in mangrove sediments: a Rock-Eval pyrolysis approach. Organic Geochemistry 39, 408-421. IF: 2.149. Times cited: 5.
8- Bouillon, S., Borges, A. V., Castañeda-Moya, E., Diele, K., Dittmar, T., Duke, N. C., Kristensen, E., Lee, S. Y., Marchand, C., Middelburg, J. J., Rivera-Monroy, V. H., Smith III, T.J., and Twilley, R. R. 2008. Mangrove production and carbon sinks: a revision of global budget estimates. Global Biogeochemical Cycling 22, GB 2013. IF: 4.09. Times cited: 49.
7- Kristensen E., Bouillon, S., Dittmar, T., Marchand, C. 2008. Organic carbon dynamics in mangrove ecosystem, a review. Aquatic Botany 89, 201-219. (All authors have contributed equally to this publication). IF: 1.129. Times cited: 69.
6- Duke, N. C., Meynecke, J.-O., Dittmann, S., M. Ellison, A., Anger, K., Berger U., Cannicci, S., Diele, K., Ewel, K. C., Field, C. D., Koedam, N., Lee, S. Y., Marchand C., Nordhaus, I., Smith III, T. J., Dahdouh-Guebas, F. 2007. A world without mangroves? Science 317, 41-42. IF: 28.103. Times cited: 94.
5- Marchand, C., Albéric, P., Lallier-Vergès, E., Baltzer, F. 2006. Distribution and characteristics of dissolved organic matter in mangrove sediments pore waters along the coastline of French Guiana. Biogeochemistry 81, 59-75. IF : 2.961. Times cited: 12.
4- Marchand, C., Lallier-Vergès, E., Baltzer, F., Alberic, P, Cossa, D., Baillif, P. 2006. Heavy metals distribution in mangrove sediments (French Guiana). Marine chemistry 98, 1-17. Top 10 most requested paper Marine Chemistry 2006. IF: 2.977. Times cited: 56.
3- Marchand, C., Disnar, J-R., Lallier-Vergès, E., Lottier, N. 2005. Early diagenesis of carbohydrates and lignin in mangrove sediments submitted to variable redox conditions (French Guiana). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 69, 131-142. IF: 4.385. Times cited: 25.
2- Marchand, C., Baltzer, F., Lallier-Vergès, E., Albéric, P., 2004. Pore-water chemistry in mangrove sediments: relationship with species composition and developmental stages. (French Guiana) Marine Geology 208, 361-381. Top 25 most requested paper Marine Geology 2004. IF: 2.521. Times cited: 37.
1- Marchand, C., Lallier-Vergès E. and Baltzer F. 2003.The composition of bulk sedimentary organic matter in relation to the dynamic features of a mangrove-fringed coast in French Guiana. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Sciences 56, 119-130. IF: 2.072. Times cited: 33.

Program Management

2011-2013: «Dynamic of heavy metals in a mangrove developing downstream Ni mining» Budget 250 000 Euros. Funded By the mining company KNS,
2010-2011: «Impact of mining activities on mangroves » Budget 90 000 Euros. Funded by the CNRT Ni and environment,
2009-2012: «Carbon dynamics in the mangroves of New-Caledonia » Budget 300 000 Euros. Funded by the Air Liquide Foundation. Award of the best project of sponsorship by the French Ministry of Environment,
2008-2011: «Becoming of shrimp farm effluents in the mangroves», Budget 170 000 Euros. Funded by New-Caledonia and the French Ministry of Overseas,
2006-2007: «Biodiversity and cartography of the mangroves of New-Caledonia», Budget 40 000 Euros. Funded by New-Caledonia.

Students supervising

  • Nathalie Molnar, « Becoming of shrimp farm effluents in the mangroves» since 01/11/2008,
  • Audrey Leopold, « Carbon dynamic in the mangrove » Since 01/11/2009,
  • Vincent Noel, «Dynamic of heavy metals in the mangrove». Since 01/03/2011.


  • Clément Rataud, 2008, Benthic fluxes of nitrogen compounds,
  • Laure Landi, 2008, Heavy metals accumulation in mangrove trees,
  • Adelaïde Aschenbroich, 2011, Tracing shrimp farm effluents using molecular tools,
  • Charlotte Préhaut, 2011, CO2 fluxes in mangrove sediments,
  • Marine Michel, 2011, CO2 fluxes in mangrove channels,
  • Adrien, Jacotot, 2012, Carbon stock in mangrove sediments.
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